What is "Polar Pride"?

Floodwood School has adopted a Positive Behavioral Intervention Support (PBIS) framework which supports a positive school climate and the reduction of problem behavior. The language used by staff as part of this framework is “Polar Pride".  Polar Pride is taught and modeled by Floodwood School staff using the Polar Pride matrix.  Students are taught expectations in all settings at the beginning of each school year.  Additionally, teachers reteach the matrix and expectations throughout the year as needed. Floodwood Elementary staff (grade PK-6) distribute “Pride Paws” throughout the day to students demonstrating Polar Pride. The Pride Paws are used to reinforce positive behavior.  As students receive Pride Paws they write their name on the paw and place them in their classroom bucket.  Each week the paws are collected from each classroom and the name of one boy and one girl is drawn.  These students are recognized as “Students of the Week.”  At the High School, one girl and one boy is nominated by staff each week and are also recognized as “Students of the Week.” These students are honored for consistently showing Polar Pride in recent weeks.  All “Students of the Week” receive recognition for their good work (certificates, announcements, etc.) 
The Floodwood School staff work hard to recognize positive behavior in our students each day.  Research shows that when schools have a framework for recognizing positive behavior, positive behavior increases and negative behavior decreases which has a direct impact on the overall positive climate of the building.  

Check out our Polar Pride video!

Early Release Days Approved

At the regular meeting of the Floodwood School Board on Monday, October 27th it was approved that following four dates will be "Early Release Days" for all students.

December 16th
January 15th
March 10th
April 17th 

Students will be dismissed at 12:22 PM on these dates after they have eaten lunch.  Staff will be using the remainder of their school day for staff developement.  Our goal is to get this information out to parents as soon as possible so that they can plan ahead for these dates.

Floodwood School Blood Drive

The Floodwood School Blood Drive will be held on Wednesday, November 5th from 9:00 AM-4:30 PM.  The Blood Drive Bus will be located in the parking lot on the south side of the building in front of the school.

In addition to helping save lives, the Memorial Blood Centers will award scholarships to graduating seniors from Floodwood High School for each successful blood drive we have.

You can sign up to donate at a time that is convenient for you with Heather Goette at 218-476-2285 or at .


Upcoming Events

October 30th Jr. High and Sr. High Band Concert 7:00

November 3rd  NO SCHOOL (Teacher Inservice)

November 5th  Blood Drive 9:00-4:30

November 10th  Boys Basketball Practice Begins

November 14th  NO SCHOOL 

November 17th  Girls Basketball Practice Begins


October is National Bullying Prevention Month
Floodwood School strives to create a safe, warm and welcoming school climate. All students and staff play a role in creating a positive school culture.  Bullying has NO place at Floodwood School.  
This past summer new legislation was put in place to ensure all students are safe from bullying in schools.  This work starts with defining "bullying."  Bullying is defined as unwanted, aggressive behavior among school aged children that involves a real or perceived power imbalance. The behavior is repeated, or has the potential to be repeated, over time. Bullying includes actions such as making threats, spreading rumors, attacking someone physically or verbally, and excluding someone from a group on purpose.
ISD 698 works to ensure Floodwood School is bully free. The following is important information for staff, families and students to understand about the ISD 698 bullying policy:
  • All students and staff are trained to understand what bullying behavior is and how to conduct active supervision to prevent bullying from occurring.  
  • An important concept to understand is the importance of the “bystander.” It is important for students to understand if they see bullying taking place, report it to an adult.
  • Any bullying should be reported to school administration (Mrs. Starzecki or Mr. Johnson) as soon as possible.
  • Reports of bullying will be investigated immediately. Victims are provided with support as necessary and are protected from retaliation. Students accused of bullying will face consequences as outlined by the student handbook.  
  • Prevention of bullying starts with creating a school environment that demands respect for all.  For more information about our efforts to create a positive school climate, click here read more about Polar Pride.  Students are expected to be safe, respectful and responsible all at times.
For more information about bullying: http://www.stopbullying.gov/index.html

To access the Floodwood School bullying policy please click here.

Want to stay fit this winter?!?

Floodwood Community Education now has personal training at your fingertips!

Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach, Silver Sneakers Instructor and 2012 Iron Viking Women's Physique Winner Chelsea Matvey wants to help you stay healthy and fit!

Classes will be held Monday thru Thursday from 4:30-5:30 PM at the Floodwood School.  Chelsea will utilize classrooms to discuss various health topics, along with the fitness center and weightroom.  She will share practical tips to help you to maintain your health no matter your fitness level.

The first class will be held Monday, November 3rd.  The cost is $35 per month.

For more information please contact Chelsea by e-mail at or by phone at 507-573-2335.
218-476-2285 (Ph)   218-476-2813 (Fax)      115 West 4th Avenue       Floodwood, MN 55736

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