Good morning Floodwood students and staff! Today is Monday, April 19th.

Please at this time please stand and join for the pledge of allegiance.

I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands one nation under God, indivisible and with liberty and justice for all.

Help us keep our school open: Please remember to wear your mask over your mouth and nose, wash hands often for at least 20 seconds, social distance keeping at least 6 feet apart, stay home when sick and contact your provider for further guidance, clean and disinfect common areas and avoid social gatherings. Thank you.

Today's softball game has been cancelled, TBD if it will be rescheduled or not. There will be practice after school today.

Today’s lunch is Hamburger served with crispy cubes, side salad, fruit, and milk.

Tomorrow's breakfast is pancakes served with juice and milk.

Paws up to the students caught roaring with pride: Thank you for setting a good example to students and staff! 

Let’s make it a great day!!!

Subs in the building

Root - Jennie Hanson

Svatos - Within (1,2 Taylor; 3 Rocco; 4 Hanson/Kunnari, 5 Jones, 6 Valtinson, 7 media)

H. Skripsky - None