April 22, 2021                                                                                                   Condensed Version

Floodwood School


(no in-person learning / no childcare)

MCA Testing begins next week!

Week of April 26th - Reading MCA for 3rd-8th graders and 10th grade

Week of May 3rd - Math MCA for 3rd-8th graders and 11th grade

Week of May 10th - Science MCA for 5th grade, 8th grade and 10th grade

Teacher Tips to Parents & Students To Get Ready To TEST 

Get a good night’s sleep.

 Eat a healthy breakfast.

 Think positively!  (Remember how much you’ve learned this year!)

 Use your strategies.

  Stay focused on the task in front of you.

Plan something fun for when you’re done.       

(a sweet treat, a movie, a trip to the playground)

 Always do your BEST!!!

Upcoming Events:

April 29th ~ Spring Sports Pictures

May 10th (week of) ~ Virtual Spring Concert video release

May 17th ~ Academic Awards Ceremony (during the school day)

                     (Art Show and NHS induction will be virtual)

May 22nd ~ Prom

May 24th ~ Last Day of School for Seniors who are in good standing

May 28th ~ Last Day of Preschool

May 28th, 7PM ~ Graduation

June 3rd ~ Last Day of School

Grandparents’ Day / Science Fair Videos

Check out the district website or Facebook for the videos!

4.O is Hiring Bus Drivers:                                           


Coaches who want to get paid to drive to their own sports/events are more than welcome, and the sign on bonus applies ($500). We provide all training! We also offer a referral bonus for anyone who refers someone, and the person is hired for a full-time position ($200 referral). Contact Jessica with any questions! or 763.286.6835

Minnesota is experiencing high circulation of variants of COVID-19. For example, it is currently estimated that 60% of all COVID-19 cases in Minnesota are the B.1.1.7. variant strain, which is a new version of the virus that spreads more easily. The spread of COVID-19 variants, including B.1.1.7, are contributing to a sharp increase in COVID-19 cases statewide in Minnesota. More specifically, we are seeing increased cases concentrated in our school-age population, especially among middle and high school students.

Area schools have reported GI symptoms including nausea and vomiting, sore throats and “allergy symptoms” testing positive for COVID-19.  

MDH is recommended all students get tested every other week or weekly if playing sports.  Additional information will be provided next week about how to get your student tested weekly or every other week.  COVID-19 Test at Home - Minnesota Dept. of Health (  Order your FREE at home test kit.  It is good to have one on hand in the event you need to test your student prior to them returning to school.

Weekly Covid cases week of 4/22

16,969 total cases in St Louis Co

298 total deaths

87 total cases in Floodwood (not updated yet this week)

96,711 SLC vaccinated 1st dose

74,9000 SLC vaccinated 2nd dose

31.61% Central SLC Expected to be 42.56% next week

The 2 week shutdown helped control the cases in FW.  Great job!  Surrounding schools are reporting significant COVID-19 cases and students quarantined.  Please continue to be diligent while we tiptoe through spring sports, prom and graduation.  

Weekly Covid cases week of 4/16

16,690 total cases in St Louis Co

297 total deaths

87 total cases in Floodwood 

91,932 SLC vaccinated 1st dose

66,550 SLC vaccinated 2nd dose

33 Cases in SLC in last 24 hours

6 Cases in Floodwood in the last 7 days.

(this does not include Meadowlands or other small surrounding towns.)

52% of the population of Minnesota has been vaccinated!  This will help slow the spread and reduce the amount of variants.  

Travel Quarantine


Flight travel and tourist destination travel requirements:

Out of the country travel:

14 day quarantine to return to school is required

Flight travel and tourist destinations within the U.S:

7 or 10 day quarantine is allowed if strict social distancing guidelines were followed on vacation. Testing is required after day 5 if doing the 7 day option.

Please help keep our school open.  If you traveled and feel you may have been exposed or are experiencing symptoms, please quarantine for the full 14 days.  

Please email Sarah Marshall, School Nurse at for all of your options to return to school safely.