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Floodwood School

Upcoming Events:

April 29th ~ Spring Sports Pictures

May 3rd (week of) ~ Teacher Appreciation Week

May 4th & 6th ~ Math MCAs for 3rd-8th graders & 11th graders

May 7th ~ MidQuarter of Quarter 4

May 7th ~ School Lunch Hero Day

May 10th (week of) ~ Science MCAs for 5th, 8th, & 10th graders

May 17th ~ Academic Awards Ceremony (during the school day)

                     (Art Show and NHS induction will be virtual)

May 22nd ~ Prom

May 24th ~ Last Day of School for Seniors who are in good standing

May 27th, 8AM ~ Senior Brunch with Board Members prior to graduation practice

May 28th ~ Last Day of Preschool

May 28th, 7PM ~ Graduation

June 3rd ~ Last Day of School

MCA Testing continues next week!

May 4th & 6th:   Math MCA for 3rd-8th graders and 11th grade

Week of May 10th:  Science MCA for 5th grade, 8th grade and 10th grade

Teacher Tips to Parents & Students To Get Ready To TEST 

Get a good night’s sleep.

 Eat a healthy breakfast.

 Think positively!  (Remember how much you’ve learned this year!)

 Use your strategies.

  Stay focused on the task in front of you.

Plan something fun for when you’re done.       

(a sweet treat, a movie, a trip to the playground)

 Always do your BEST!!!

Teacher Appreciation Week

                             May 3rd - 7th

MDE:  COVID-19 Testing available for all Middle and High Schoolers every other week starting May 4th (weekly if playing sports).  


As COVID-19 continues to spread, Minnesota is continually expanding testing options and working to  remove barriers so every Minnesotan can access testing. Experts agree that testing is a critical part of  the process to identify, contain and stop the spread of the virus. 

Minnesota continues to prioritize in-person learning while protecting the health and safety of our  students, staff and families. For this reason, state leaders are working to ensure that students and  school staff are prioritized for COVID-19 testing.  

MAY 4TH Middle School and High School students will be eligible for spit testing at school with permission from their parents

Here is how it works:

  • Step 1: Email if you give your middle or high school student permission to test at school during any of the testing dates. (May 4th, 11th, 18th or 25th) 

  • Step 2:  Students will need to create an account.  Go to COVID.VLT.CO on their smartphone/tablet 

    • Note: Participants who used this same device to order a saliva test from Vault through the testing  program this fall may be automatically redirected to that site, which would cause an error. If this  happens, advise the participant that they should open a private browser on their device or manually  type the website again to confirm it is directing to the correct site. 

  • Step 3: Students log in using the username and password they created the account with. Remind them that they should remember their login and password.

  • Step 4: Students will be provided with their test tube and instructed by the school nurse how to take the test.  

  • Results are typically available directly to individuals at the email or phone provided within 48 hours of being  received.  

Students or staff with symptoms or who have been exposed to COVID-19 should not report to  work, school, or other activities and should quarantine according to public health guidance. 

Test results are provided via email - be sure to provide an email you check regularly. Test results  are usually emailed within 48 hours after the lab receives the test. Test results can be provided by  phone for individuals without access to email. 

If your test result is positive for COVID-19, MDH or local public health will call you with health  information for you and the people who live with you. It is important to answer this call, so you  can learn how to keep yourself, your family, and your community safe. 

Your information is confidential unless you give permission to share your name. However, in rare  circumstances, MDH may need to share your name with your workplace, school, or child care to  protect the health and safety of others. MDH will attempt to contact you prior to doing so. 

*Vaccination is not required.

To find a locations check out MDH’s vaccine finder:


The MDH decision Tree:  Again, thank you for keeping your children home and testing when they are sick.


Flight travel and tourist destination travel requirements:

Out of the country travel:

14 day quarantine to return to school is required

Flight travel and tourist destinations within the U.S:

7 or 10 day quarantine is allowed if strict social distancing guidelines were followed on vacation. Testing is required after day 5 if doing the 7 day option.

Please help keep our school open.  If you traveled and feel you may have been exposed or are experiencing symptoms, please quarantine for the full 14 days.  

Please email Sarah Marshall, School Nurse at for all of your options to return to school safely.


Bullying has no place in Floodwood School.  It will not be tolerated and COVID is no exception.  This includes individuals diagnosed with COVID-19, decisions to test or not to test, vaccinate or not to vaccinate.  This is personal and it is never okay to bully.  Adults can lead by example.  Choose compassion, acceptance, friendship, respect and kindness.