Good morning Floodwood students and staff! Today is Friday, April 30th.

Your mask should be above your nose and below your chin, you should have your mask on at all times, including walking to the bus. Please also keep a mask on at all times while on the bus and a reminder there is no eating and drinking on the bus, and if you have electronics the volume is to be silenced or they need to have earbuds or headphones attached. These are safety policies that everyone needs to follow, thank you!

Good luck to the girls’ softball team tonight at their away game against South Ridge! Game starts at 4:00 pm and the bus will be loading at 2:50pm

Today’s lunch is pizza boat served with side salad fruit and milk.

Monday’s breakfast is a bagel served with juice, and milk.

Paws up to the students caught roaring with pride: Thank you for setting a good example to students and staff! 

They’re only 23 days left of school, let’s make each day count!!!

Subs in the building

Mrs Bartsch – Roman Brown

Waldron- Jennie Hanson