Good morning Floodwood students and staff! Today is Friday, May 14th.

Help us keep our school open: Please remember to wear your mask over your mouth and nose, wash hands often for at least 20 seconds, social distance keeping at least 6 feet apart, stay home when sick and contact your provider for further guidance, clean and disinfect common areas and avoid social gatherings. Thank you.

Today is hat day! Have your dollar ready, band students will be coming around 1st hour to collect your money!

We want to give thanks to all our subs that come and fill in for our teachers when they cannot be here, but a special thanks goes out to Jennie Hanson, we appreciate all you do for our school. If you see a sub today, give them an air high five!

The Southwest St. Louis County Fair (Floodwood Fair) is looking for Fair Queen or King candidates. If you are interested in running, sign-up in the office today!

Today’s lunch is pizza served with side salad, cucumbers, fruit and milk.

Monday’s breakfast is a breakfast cookie served with juice, and milk.

Happy Birthday to Julianna Johnson this Sunday!

Paws up to the students caught roaring with pride: Thank you for setting a good example to students and staff! 

Only 13 more days of school, let make each day count!

Subs in the building

Kunnari –Jennie Hanson

Svatos- Roman Brown